BII’s investment in Awign, Reimagining the Future of Work!

 /  By tlgo

Although the gig economy has been in India for decades, it has only recently come into the spotlight. Jio-induced ‘Digital Life’ and pandemic–induced tailwinds have made work from anywhere and for anyone a real possibility.

Almost 8 million people are a part of India’s gig workforce, which will grow much further. It is estimated that gig workers will comprise 30% of the country’s non-agricultural workforce in the coming years. We see a massive rise in the demand and supply side for the gig economy. Enterprises are increasingly looking to make costs variable while seeking higher quality output. Project-based work solves both needs as workers are deployable on-demand, and enterprises need not possess all core capabilities in-house. On the worker side, people demand greater flexibility and quality in their work. Additionally, some workers may not want to or cannot seek permanent employment.

Gig work is at the cusp of exponential growth, and Awign is well-positioned to spearhead the movement to organize this sector. Awign is India’s largest tech-led on-demand work fulfillment platform. It provides and manages a readily deployable pan India gig-workforce to fulfill tasks across several core functions for enterprises while providing higher quality outcomes. Awign’s outcome ownership, coupled with its ability to train and effectively break down tasks for the gig-worker, allows it to foster best-in-class task success rates and thus ensure long-term customer stickiness. Awign is committed to enabling enterprises to run their businesses at scale by tapping into the largest distributed workforce in the country.

On the supply side, it provides meaningful work and sustainable income opportunities to a diverse cohort of gig-workers, graduate students, blue-collar workers, domain experts, home-makers, and retired professionals. It holds true to its vision of creating a workforce for the future and attempts to make gig work more accessible to the untapped segments of the labour force.

At Bertelsmann India Investments, we are extremely excited to partner with Awign for many reasons. The company’s proprietary tech stack converts any large task into smaller gigs. The platform has all the necessary quality controls automatically set up along the process and intelligently guides the worker to successful task completion, truly democratising work for millions.

The resilient leadership group comprising of IIT Ropar alums – Annanya SarthakGurpreet Singh & Praveen Sah are key to the company scaling to a 1mn+ gig worker base as well as achieving 4x growth in revenues over the last year. The team at Awign has a deeply engrained tech DNA as well as an exhaustive understanding of the needs of their clients and workers.

We believe that with a robust tech platform, a scalable business model, able leadership, and strong tailwinds from a workforce ripe for gigification, Awign is on its way to building a disruptive enterprise for the future.