Enterprise focused gig-work platform

Founded in 2016, Awign is a platform which provides an on-demand, gig workforce to enterprises to fulfil designated digital or on-ground tasks.

It is a two sided marketplace with enterprises who need to outsource work on one side and gig workers on the other. Gig workers are not full-time employees with fixed salaries but freelancers that are recruited and compensated on a per-task outcome basis.

Awign is a horizontal platform that offers services in various verticals such as business development, last mile delivery, auditing, expert advisory, diligence, content moderation, proctoring tele-calling etc. Awign’s technology platform allows it to break down any project into smaller tasks, train workers to do the task and provide all execution support through the app with minimal human intervention.


Co-Founders: Annanya Sarthak (CEO), Gurpreet Singh(CRO), Praveen Sah (CTO)