Transforming POS Lending Ecosystem

Skeps platform provides a suite of technology solutionsused by merchants or lenders to help identify the potential credit solutions for their customers with the highest likelihood of conversion. Skeps serves businesses/merchants by deploying private blockchain technology to combine information across multiple platforms in a compliant and secure way. Skeps provides banks/lenders with the ability to launch their ownbranded BNPL program or to grow their unsecured lending portfolio.

Skeps is the most innovative point of sale financing solution we have come across over the past few years. We are super impressed by the vision and execution of Tushar, Mayank, and Prerit who form exactly the right team that could have delivered such a disruptive product. 

Rohid Sood


Mayank Tewari, Prerit Srivastava, Tushar Srivastava


Gurugram, India